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Post Time : 2015-11-29

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Product Details


Model KAKA-3
Power 550W
Supply Power 220-240V
Max. Air Flow 20000m3/h
Effective Area 250-300m2
Water Consumption 10-15L/H
Water Capacity 80L
Noise 55/64/70db
Net Weight 65KG
Package Dimension 1150 x 700 x 1570mm
40FT Container 48 UNITS


This type of evaporative air cooler is very popular with people around the world. It is able to be used indoors and outdoors, houses and factories and hot places. Ideal product for you in hot summer!



1.      New evaporative cooling pad, energy saving and environment friendly;

2.      Optimizing air quality through the silent wind;

3.      Tri-dimension circle wind, more comfortable;

4.      Time-setting function;

5.      More convenient with remote controller;

6.      3-level wind speed: low, medium, high;

7.      3 models: normal, sleep, breeze;

8.      Large capacity water tank;

9.      Truckle with brake for easy transport ;

10.  Micro-computer programmed control, clear and luxury LED panel;

11.  More evident dropping temperature and increasing humidity effect;

12.  Unattached function, feel fresh in dry weather.


1.       Specially designed powerful blade and water-proof motor;

2.       Thicker and bigger cooling pad for better heat absorption;

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